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oil disposal Recycling Notice

Bildergebnis für Bild Altölentsorgung


According to the Waste Oils Regulation, we are obliged to take back free of charge the following used oils:
- Engine oils - gear oils - oil filter and changing the oil is regularly obtained oily waste. You can return the used oil in the crowd with us, which corresponds to the amount purchased from us.

Drop off is our follow-called point of sale:

Demharter GmbH
Einsteinstraße 9
89407 Dillingen a. D. Donau

You can hand during our opening hours, the oils there anytime. Alternatively, you can send us the used oil well, the shipping costs are borne by you for this purpose.

Please note that for waste oil can transport special conditions apply.

If you are a commercial end user, please note that we can use third parties to us to fulfill our obligations adoption.



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